“Exercise of public authority is an expression for/of the power of authority in its  relation to citizens. Characteristic for exercise of public authority is that the individual is in a state of dependence. It is therefore of great importance that matters that comprise exercise of public authority is dealt with in a secure way” 

(secure examination, a report of supervision, HSV 1998:39R).

As a student it’s important to be familiar with the examination rules and the rights you have at the University of Borås. There are guidelines for examination in due process at the University, which means overall rules and rights for examination, that are important to know about.

Below you will find information about:

  • Rules for written examinations
  • Primary introduction for new students at the University of Borås who may not be familiar with academic texts. Here you will find the brochure “Primary Guidelines for the Writing of Academic Texts”.

Rules for written examinations

Examination (pdf)

Examination at another location/in another country

As a general rule examination takes place in Borås or another location as indicated by the examiner. However, if there are special reasons, a student may, at his or her own initiative, be allowed to sit his or her examination at another location. Sitting the examination at another location can not be guaranteed but the circumstances shall be reviewed in each individual case. You can read all about the routines in the document Examination at another location/country (pdf). Valid from 1st of July 2009.

Primary Guidelines for the Writing for Academic Texts

Primary Guidelines for the Writing for Academic Texts (pdf)

Disciplinary Measures

- according to higher Education Ordinance, chapter 10
I would like to read the folder online (pdf)

Procedure and determination of disciplinary cases

Information for students (pdf) 
Trial of a decision and appealing to the disciplinary board (pdf)