Computer-based examination

During the spring of 2019, a small number of selected computer-based exams will be conducted using the computer-based exam system WISEflow. These exams can be given either on fixed computers in computer rooms or as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), that is, you as a student are to bring you own computer. If you do not have a computer, you can borrow one (these can be booked via the below web form).

As a student you are responsible for being prepared for a computer-based examination. Remember that the examination rules applied on a classroom examination also are applied on a computer-based examination.

However, there are two rules that are different:

  • On a computer-based examination in WISEflow you must be registered for the examination to be allowed to do the examination!
  • You must be on location at the latest 30 minutes prior the start of the computer-based examination, to secure that everything will function technically.

The examinations will be carried out anonymously, and you will login with your student ID in the examination system WISEflow.

To prepare you can read more about how the system works in the Get started guide för the participant.

If you will sit an exam were you should use your own computer (BYOD) you will find  some useful instructions in this guide for how to prepare your computer for digital examination in WISEflow.

Below is a list of the examinations that will be given as a computer-based examination. The course coordinator will let you know if the exam will be conducted on a desktop computer or if you should bring your own computer/borrow a computer.

Current exams in WISEflow (updated continuously below)

190524 Polisiär bedömning och omhändertagande vid pötslig sjukdom eller skada (distans)
190527 Swedish language course - continuation course
190605 Supportkunskap
190615 Polisiär bedömning och omhändertagande vid pötslig sjukdom eller skada (omtenta)

Book a loaner computer for the computer-based exam

Book a loaner computer at least 7 days prior to the exam date. The computer will be prepared for the exam on exam day. It will be given to you in the examination room when the examination takes place.
All information below marked with * must be completed. Please note that you will receive an email confirmation if you have filled in all the details correctly.
Processing of information *:

Processing of personal data

The information in the application form will be processed in a database that is used by those responsible for loaning out computers. The purpose is to prepare the computers for those that will borrow them for computer-based exams. The data in the database can be transferred to Excel where they can be searched. The data will be deleted after the activity has been completed.

Read more about the processing of personal data.