Make it happen

Time: 2017-11-15, 12:00 — 12:50
Location: M401, Sandgärdet (library building)
Event Type: Meeting

The University of Borås and Hållbar Student warmly invite you to a meeting that presents you the current status quo of the sustainability performance on campus. Not only a delicious fika is waiting for you – further, you are welcomed to take part in a presentation that offers you alternatives how you as a student, together with other students, can be proactive in the important work for sustainability initialized by yourself and in cooperation with the University of Borås. During your studies and after that in your profession, you can contribute to the realization of the Agenda 2030 and the global goals of the United Nations.

Be part of the change!

Inspire and get inspired

Representatives from the board of Hållbar Student/Sustainable Students will inform you about this student organization and how you can be inspired, and inspire other students, to consider and create a sustainable lifestyle. The Vice Chancellor and the Coordinator of Sustainable Development at the University of Borås will give you an insight into the strategic and systematic sustainability work at the university and also talk about the importance and great value of students being engaged in extracurricular activities.

Challenge yourself, become part of the community and contribute to the change we collectively can influence for the better.

We start with fika from 12:00, the meeting starts at 12:15.

We’re looking forward to meeting on Wednesday!