Communication and Presentation Skills

Time: 2018-04-23, 08:15 — 11:15
Location: Språkverkstad (J441)
Event Type: Lecture

How do you best put your message across? This lecture is an introduction to oral communication and presentation skills. We discuss what factors influence different communicative situations to learn more about effective communicative strategies. We look at what needs to be considered when giving an oral presentation before a group. This session also covers the different parts of a typical presentation and how to organize the contents. Furthermore, different presentation tools and how they can/should be used are discussed.
The activity is held in English.

Registration: Registration required. Confirmation of registration is sent within a week before the activity is held. Last day of registration is 16 April. Please note that the activity will be cancelled if the number of registered students is less than 5.

For further questions please contact johanna.persson@hb.se