ArcInTexETN exhibition

2017-03-22 08:30

ArcInTexETN Exhibition – Textile Museum in Borås

How can we design for the future? In this avant-garde exhibition architects, interaction, fashion and textile designers show their works in progress when they speculate about, collaborate on, and define how to strengthen the foundations of design for more sustainable forms of living.

The exhibition Speculate, collaborate, define – textile thinking for future ways of living is an exhibition by the PhD students in the ArcInTexETN project, in which you can take part of their works in progress. ArcInTexETN is an EU-funded training network of early stage researchers exploring new expressions of living through textile thinking.  They collaborate in three scales – building, interior, and body – looking into methods for turning current scientific knowledge into the design of new forms of living.

In three video projections, the students present different takes on the subject. There is “Ahti,” a speculative short film about the first human being born in space; the story is set in the future. In another video projection, with the hybrid animal Wolpertinger as an analogue, a collection of videos expose the working process of collaborative design when architects, and fashion and textile designers work together. In the third film – What is interior? – the PhD students explore the term “interior” in their search for a definition for the term.

In addition, you will see individual research work. So, bring your nose and your curiosity! This is not only an audio-visual exhibition.


Opening 23 March at 16:00 at the Textile Museum in Borås, Sweden.

Admission is free! No registration is needed.


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Text: Elisabeth Eliason
Photo: Iva Resetar
Translation: Eva Medin