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2017-09-27 13:00

International Week coming up

Is the University of Borås characterised by an international environment? What does, and what can University of Borås do in a global society? Let us show you during the International Week, 2-4 October! Meet our international students at the International Fair, talk to the coordinators from the International Office, and take the opportunity to participate in workshops and morning sessions offered. What can we do for the world and what can the world do for us?

– We want to show everything we do within internationalisation. For our inbound students, this is a great opportunity to socialise and meet other students and employees on campus. Likewise, it is a good chance for Swedish students and employees, who consider studying abroad, to get a greater understanding on what it means to travel to another country. The International Week will offer activities for everyone, she says about the program that she and Gustav Kibe have helped to create, together with colleagues of the International Office.

Importance of internationalisation
The importance of internationalisation is also emphasised by Vice-Chancellor Björn Brorström. He believes the university operates in an international environment with a global research and an education that always has to be open to the outside world, partly because the university can gain knowledge as well as share it with others.

– The University of Borås shall be an attractive place for international students, teachers and researchers and shall also support students and staff interested in going abroad. Internationalisation creates cross-border activities and co-operations between people and cultures. Internationalisation is therefore extremely important in order for the university to grow, he says and welcomes this year’s International Week.

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Facts from the International Office
Numbers of exchange students: 115 inbound students from 23 countries and 169 outbound students to 22 countries.
Three most common countries for inbound students: China, Germany and France
Number of partner universities we have inbound students from: 52
Number of exchange agreements: 250 all over the world
Programmes taught in English at the University of Borås: 2 Bachelor’s programmes and 9 Master’s programmes. Read more: Study programmes