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Erasmus charter

Erasmus Policy Statement – Erasmus+ 2014 – 2020

UB’s policy and strategies for internationalisation are directly in line with the aims of the programme and with the higher education modernisation agenda. UB’s motto is “Science for the professions”, which is the central theme of the university’s activities in research, education and international mobility and partnerships. This motto means that UB’s activities are performed in partnership with actors in and outside academia, and that education and research includes its implementation in the public and private sectors. This is entirely in line with the modernisation agenda, where education is aimed to equip students with knowledge that is relevant to the labour market, as well as with skills needed for future markets. This includes local, national, European and global markets.

The education, research and business triangle is strengthened by, for example, including experts from outside academia in all of the university’s steering boards and when reviewing new education programmes. It is important for UB that students develop professional networks and gain practical experience. To this end, UB students participate in international exchanges and experiences, in internships and traineeships in Europe and in conducting fieldwork in developing countries. UB also offers the “Fast Track” programme for foreign academics, which enhances their employability.