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Erasmus+ exchange studies 

Erasmus+ is an EU programme that makes it possible for students within higher education to study as an exchange student at another European University. As a student registered at the University of Borås you have the possibility to study 3 to 12 months at one of our Erasmus+ partner universities. 

Nomination for Erasmus+ exchange studies

Each faculty at the University of Borås has Erasmus+ agreements for student mobility with several European universities. Your faculty decides whether to nominate you for exchange studies at one of their Erasmus+ partner universities. Contact the International Coordinator for your study area in order to receive more information, or submit a notification of interest for exchange studies. If you are selected to be nominated for exchange studies at a partner university within Erasmus+, you will automatically be sent more information about what you need to do to receive an Erasmus+ grant for exchange studies.


The grant is an EU funded financial support to help you cover additional costs related to your mobility abroad. During autumn semester 2019, the grant amount is 360 to 420 per month. The grant amount is based on the length of your exchange semester (number of days) and the country of study. You will receive 70% of the grant at the start of the exchange semester when you have done what is required before the exchange. You receive the remaining 30% of the grant at the end of the exchange semester when you have completed what is required after the exchange. As an Erasmus+ student, you are exempted from paying tuition fees at the host institution (however, if you are fee paying student at the University of Borås you need to pay your tuition fee to the University of Borås also during your exchange semester). 

A supplementary grant is available for students with special needs and for students with children.

You may participate in mobility periods totalling up to 12 months maximum per each cycle of study, independently of the number and type of mobility activities (studies and/or traineeship). 12 months on bachelor level, 12 months on master level and 12 months on doctoral level. 

Participating countries

The member states of the European Union, North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and Serbia can fully take part in the Erasmus+ mobility programme. Switzerland is not a part of Erasmus+. 

The UK participates in Erasmus+ until call 2020.


  • You must be an admitted programme student at the University of Borås (with the aim of completing a degree)
  • You must be a full-time exchange student at a university with whom the University of Borås has an Erasmus+ agreement regarding student mobility for studies (the faculties are responsible for nominating students for exchange studies, see above).
  • You must live in the country of study during the whole exchange semester
  • You must receive full recognition of your exchange semester
  • You must have completed one year of higher education studies before the start of the exchange semester
  • You may not receive other funding from the EU during the same study period.
  • The exchange semester must last minimum 3 months (90 days) and maximum 12 months (360 days). The first day of mobility is the first day you need to be present at the receiving institution for an academic reason. The last day of mobility is the last day you need to be present at the receiving institution for an academic reason.
  • If you have already carried out Erasmus+ studies and/or traineeship on the same study level, the combined period must not exceed 12 months (360 days). Any Erasmus+ mobility done via another university participating in Erasmus+ at the same level of study will be counted towards the 12 months.


As an Erasmus+ student, you are entitled to expect full recognition from your home university for satisfactorily completed modules during the exchange semester, in accordance with the Learning agreement. Your faculty decides which modules you can study abroad and get recognition for after the exchange. Recognised modules will be included in your degree certificate. Your faculty is responsible for the recognition process; contact the International Coordinator for your study area if you have questions regarding recognition or module choice. 

Language test

All Erasmus+ students need to carry out a language assessment in the main language of instruction on the online language learning platform Online Linguistic Support. You do the first assessment before the start of the exchange semester and the second assessment when the exchange semester is completed. After taking the assessment, you receive the results showing which level you have reached (A1 - C2). Students with their native language as their main language of instruction do not need to carry out the assessments, neither before nor after the exchange semester. Students who scored C2 in their first language assessment do not need to carry out the second language assessment. Invitation to take the language test is sent by e-mail to students who have been nominated for exchange studies within Erasmus+. 

Erasmus+ Language Grant

In order to encourage students to improve their language skills, outgoing students within the Erasmus+ programme have the possibility to apply for a language grant of 1500 SEK from the University of Borås during the academic year 2019/2020. To be eligible to apply for the grant you must be an outgoing Erasmus+ student who complete subject- or language courses in another language than English or your mother tongue in the host country. Submit your application (PDF) to exchange@hb.se before departure. 


Erasmus+ students must fill in an online EU survey after the mobility abroad within 30 calendar days upon receipt of the invitation. The report will automatically be sent to your e-mail at the end of the exchange semester.


All Erasmus+ students need to hand in the following documents.

Before the mobility:

  • Learning agreement - before the mobility
  • Grant agreement
  • Payment order form

During the mobility (only necessary to hand in if there have been changes made):

  • Learning agreement - during the mobility

After the mobility:

  • Transcript of Records (Spring 2020)
  • Certificate of attendance (Spring 2020)
  • Learning agreement - after the mobility (Autumn 2019)

The templates for the documents, as well as information about the documents and relevant deadlines, will be sent by e-mail to students who have been nominated for exchange studies within Erasmus+.

If you have any questions regarding Erasmus+ exchange studies you are welcome to contact exchange@hb.se