Discrimination and harassment

Preventing discrimination and harassment from arising is fundamental and is best accomplished through active work on improving the working environment at the School/department. Both students and employees are to be treated correctly and respectfully. All students and employees at the University of Borås are to possess knowledge of the laws requiring preventive and active actions against discrimination.

The University of Borås recommends that matters are investigated and dealt with where they originate. The main reason for this is putting an end to abusive behaviour as soon as possible. If you as a student feel that you have been the victim of harassment you should first contact someone at the University whom you trust, e.g. the Student Union (external link), the Student Safety Representative or the Student Health Care.

Routines for handling cases of abusive discrimination of students and applicants at the University of Borås (pdf) (Swedish)
The Discrimination Act (pdf)
Organisational and social work environment (pdf)