Personal injuries

In the case of a personal injury/work-related injury (accident at work, work-related illness, accident during transportation, etc.), you are to file a report with the person responsible for working environment issues at the School as soon as possible.

If you are unable to file the report yourself, a Student Safety Representative, a Safety Representative, a friend or a relative can do it for you. Notification of Injury form (pdf)

The injured person is to fill out, sign and send the form to the registrator@hb.se (University of Borås, Registrator, 501 90 Borås, Sweden) who in turn forwards the form to the School in question and sends a copy to HR. The School in question is responsible for forwarded the form to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

“Serious accident or other deleterious effect causing personal injury”

In the case of a serious accident a person may have sustained severe or light injuries. In some cases a mental injury may also be termed as an accident, e.g. if a person enters a state of shock. Threat of violence may e.g. result in such an injury. During the preliminary stages, it is often difficult to make a assessment for this kind of injury.

The term deleterious effect refers to a student being exposed to harmful elements in his or her study environment which may be the cause of the sustained injuries. Severe personal injuries may be injuries which:

  • Result in fractured bones.
  • Cause severe bleeding or severe damage to a nerve, muscle or tendon.
  • Injury on an internal organ.
  • Result in second or third degree burn injuries or other form of burn injuries which cover at least 5% of the body surface area. The same applies to freezing injuries.

Severe personal injury also includes loss of a limb, injuries to sensory organs and injuries which may result in long-term illness or other future impairments to the person’s health.