Access card - terms & conditions

By accepting these terms I agree to keep the access card/chip and its associated code in such fashion that unauthorised persons cannot gain access to the premises to which the card allows. This means that the card or chip:

  • Cannot be loaned to unauthorised persons
  • Cannot be copied.
  • Cannot be marked in such a way that an unauthorised person can relate the card to an address or lock.
  • That the card/chip will be immediately returned at the conclusion of study/service.
  • Should be able to be displayed when requested by a guard or other authorised person

Loss of the access card shall be reported immediately to vaktmasteriet@hb.se

If a card or chip is lost, the payment is a 100 SEK fee for a new one.

Mis-use can result in the card being blocked for use as well as disciplinary and/or legal actions.

All use of the access card is logged in the access control system.