If you have questions or need help

If you have questions or need help with working environment related issues, please contact:

The working environment committee

Please contact your Student Safety Representative or the School Safety Representative if you have questions about or would like to report issues related in the working environment. The representative will bring the issue to the appropriate committee.

Student Safety Representatives

Student Safety Representatives are to influence working conditions to achieve a good study environment on the behalf of the students. Student Safety Representatives participate in safety inspections, assess the effect of changes on the students’ working environment and keep up to date on health and safety legislation.

The Student Union

The Student Union (external link) monitors educational topics and topics relating to social aspects of studying. The Student Union has a committee for social aspects of studying that works e.g. with common working environment issues.

Student Health Care

Student Health Care (external link) works mainly with problems related to your study situation and offer assistance through counselling, problem-solving, short term therapy and guidance.

Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman (external link) of the University offer support to students or research/doctoral students regarding study-related matters. Contact the Student Ombudsman if you have experienced unacceptable treatment at the University, e.g. in connection with grading, by a teacher, by other members of staff or by other students, or if you need support during an investigation connected to a disciplinary matter. Third-party workplace-based education falls under the Student Ombudsman as well.

Students with disabilities

The University of Borås offers all students equal opportunities to study. As a student with a disability, you can apply for special pedagogical support. We define a disability as a permanent physical or mental impairment which may become an impediment to your studies.

Swedish Work Environment Authority

Regulations and information on working environment. Swedish Work Environment Authority (external link)