Student Safety Representative

Student Safety Representatives are to be appointed among the students.

There are Student Safety Representatives responsible for the University in general and also for each School. Contact your section of the Student Union to find out who is the Student Safety Representative at your School.


The duties of the Student Safety Representative are:

  • influencing working conditions to achieve a good study environment,
  • participate in safety inspections,
  • assessing the effect of changes on the students’ working environment and
  • keeping up to date on health and safety legislation.

Student Safety Representatives are given the same opportunity as other Safety Representatives to sit in on working environment committees and participate in safety inspections.

The Student Safety Representative may request safety inspections in lecture halls and other places used by students and may also participate in construction plan reviews of spaces intended for students.

The Student Safety Representatives are not liable for working environment issues.

Safety inspections

Student Safety Representatives have the power to request a safety inspection to be made by the person responsible for working environment or the Head Safety Representative at the University. Contact information is found at HR at the University.

Suspension of dangerous activities

If a certain activity poses immediate or serious risk to you as a student, first contact the person responsible for the working environment at the School to initiate immediate action. If no action is taken, please contact the Student Safety Representative to have him/her raise the issue with the Safety Representative in question or contact the Safety Representative directly. He or she will in turn decide if work is to be suspended pending a decision by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

How do I become a Student Safety Representative?

The Student Safety Representatives are appointed by the Student Union (external link). If you have questions regarding eligibility and the appointment process, please contact the Student Union.