What constitutes a good study environment?

A good and safe study environment and working environment includes e.g.:

  • Access to an adequate number of study places and group study rooms with appropriate furnishing and equipment.
  • Where it is reasonable with regard to the number of lectures and length of scheduled attendance, access to common rooms where heating packed lunch is possible.
  • Relaxation rooms are to be available or easily arrangeable.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of toilets are to be planned in order to maintain a high level of hygiene.
  • Storage for clothing is to be arranged so as to keep clothing from becoming dirty or damaged and also to minimize the risk of theft. Valuable equipment required for the studies are to be kept safe and secure.
  • A goal to strive for is to allow sufficient scheduled time for all students to get to know their peers. The idea is for you to enhance your chances for a good study climate and good results. As a new student, regardless if you are accepted to a program or take single courses, you are to be introduced to student life and where to direct questions of a social nature related to your studies.

If your studies include time in the laboratory, the following apply to you as well:

  • You are entitled to medical examinations, e.g. when working with laboratory animals and certain chemicals.
  • You are also entitled to receive, free of charge, the safety equipment required to ensure safety during work, e.g. lab coat and safety goggles.