Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is one of the university systems for e-meetings. As a student in a distance education will certainly get in touch with the web conference system Adobe Connect.

Important Information 

Adobe Flash Player must be 11.2 or a later version. Before you start a web conference in Adobe Connect you will need to perform some tests on your computer. Get the latest version of Flash Player (external link)

You will always get a web link or other information how to connect to the web space of the one who is the course director/teacher of your course.

1. You need a webcam and a USB headset. One recommendation is to always use a USB headset, thus avoiding problem of the sound. Do you have a laptop; there is probably a built-in camera in the computer that can be exploited.

2. Check the connection from the computer: Start the test (external link) then follow the instructions displayed on the screen. You need to install a Add-in. There is nothing that affects your computer in a negative way.

3. Check that the Adobe Flash Player (external link) installed on your computer (you will need version 11.2 or a later version of the Flash player). Adobe Flash Player might not installed on all Mac computers. Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (external link).

4. After connecting to a web conference room perform an audio and microphone test. This moment is very important so your web conference to be successful.

One recommendation is to always use a USB headset.

You have a "test room" at the bottom of this site. Click on the link and log in as a guest and make a sound and microphone test and then you can try some other features in the web room. Are there any "classmates" who are interested to try out web conference system, you can run a web conference together - on some computers.


English Manuals (external link) (Copyright © Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.) 

Information on connecting via iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android (external link)

Sample room - login as guest: Connect Meeting Room (external link)