PING PONG is the Learning Management System used for web-based education at the University of Borås.

You may access PING PONG once you have registered to your course/program and created your user account. You then use your network login and password to log in to PING PONG.

Log in to PING PONG 

Change password/Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password or simply want to change it, you do so through Selfservice.

Getting started with PING PONG

A good way to start is to browse the Student’s User Guide v.7 (pdf). Have a look around in your event and find the information you need.

Can’t find your course in PING PONG? Click on the drop-down menu ”Events” and choose ”My events”. All your available events/courses will be displayed and when you click on the correct one you’ll be redirected to this specific event/course. This is where the course material is (study manual, examinations, etc.).

Questions about

your course/program:

Contact your teacher if you have questions about the course.


send an e-mail to the PING PONG-support, pingpong@hb.se 

contact us via phone 033-435 40 10, Tuesday-Friday between 10 and 12 a.m.

technical issues:

If you’re experiencing technical difficulties such as:

  • I get an error message when I’m trying to access the PING PONG webpage.
  • I get an error message stating that my username or password is incorrect.

send an e-mail to the IT department, campusservice@hb.se


PING PONG Mobile makes the PING PONG learning environment accessible on mobile devices using your regular PING PONG account.


  • PIM: See your latest PIM conversations (PING PONG Instant Messages).
  • Wall: Events that affect the logged in user will be posted here. It may concern new documents uploaded into your courses, new messages, PIMs from your friends, new posts in Discuss, etc.
  • Documents: A list of documents you place in My Documents in PING PONG.
  • Information: Here you'll find messages from PING PONG's start page element Information.
  • Events: Here you'll find a list of your events and you can see each event's Documents, Message Board and Members.
  • Search for users: You can search through the organization's users and add people to your contact list or send PIMs to them.

Download the app from AppStore or GooglePlay.

Privacy Policy/Processing of personal data

The University of Borås is the controller of the university’s processing of personal data. This webpage describes how we process your personal data, what rights you have and how you can enforce them. Read about how the University of Borås processes your personal data.


The Agreement for Higher Education Institutions entered into force January 1, 2014. The agreement enables entirely new possibilities to copy and share copyright protected material for teaching, among other things, significantly enhanced facilities to copy and share digitally.

The agreement allows teachers and students to copy and share copyright protected material from Swedish and non-Swedish pictures, text and musical notation that have been made public, from, for example books, teaching materials, the press, digital publications, websites etc.

You'll find the Copying Rules at Bonus Copyright Access website (external link).

Electronic message boards

The person (teacher or student) who publishes material in PING PONG is solely responsible for the contents and he/she should ensure that it is of good quality, i.e. that it does not in any way insult, humiliate or abuse other users. Examples of material: published messages on message boards, documents, pictures, file sharing, contributions in chat rooms.

Furthermore, such material is considered public documents and may be handed out if anyone requests this (unless the documents by any reason are classified as secret documents). The course coordinator is, according to “Lagen om ansvar för elektroniska anslagstavlor” (The law on liability for electronic message boards), responsible to monitor the event/course and, if needed, to remove material which violates the Copyright Act and/or if the material means instigation of rebellion, agitation against an ethnic group, child pornography or unlawful violence depiction.