Pass card

As a student you need a pass card to get around the University premises.

Note that the chip is personal. All chips have a personal code required for entry into certain premises and also during evenings and weekends. The pass card is picked up at the Student Centre. This chip can also be used to borrow books from the university library.

When you pick up the pass card you also agree to keep it and the associated code so that no unauthorized person has access to the premises to which the card goes. This means that a pass:

  • May not to be lent to unauthorized persons.
  • May not to be copied.
  • May not to be labeled so that it can be connected to an address, or a lock.
  • Must be returned immediately after your graduation or if you drop out.
  • Must be presented upon request of a security guard or other authorized person.

Loss of pass cards must be reported immediately to: campusservice@hb.se

Misuse may result in a cancelled card, disciplinary and / or legal action. All use of the access card is logged in the access control system.