In order to facilitate studies from home, there is software that you have the right to install on your personal computer. Certain software is available for all students while contracts limit the use to certain courses/programmes.

Software that is used at the University of Borås requires verification with a user ID and password. If no login field shows up, it might be due to settings in Internet Explorer. Open Internet Options under the tool menu and choose ‘Advanced.’ At the bottom of the settings, activate SSL 2.0 or deactivate TLS 1.0.

  1. EndNote
  2. Pro/Engineer - only for students at the former School of Engineering
  3. Autodesk
  4. In order to download software you need an Autodesk account. You apply for that under “How to sign up,” “New member registration page.” You have to use your University of Borås student mail, eg. S012345@utb.hb.se, at registration. Installation instructions are available at sol.hb.se.
  5. SPCS - download through http://www.vismaspcs.se/elevlicens/
  6. You need a password to log in - that can be obtained from campusservice@hb.se.
  7. SPSS
  8. SMART Notebook
  9. Azure Dev Tools for Teaching - The University of Borås has signed a deal with Microsoft, giving students and teaching staff at the University of Borås full access to Microsoft’s development platform for education and research needs. The purpose is to evaluate and understand IT technology.