Submission and grade

This page contains information on how you submit your thesis, marks and publication for students at The Swedish School of Textiles or Business & IT. For other schools - please contact your school administrator.

When a thesis, after any completion, is finished, it is submitted through the upload function below at the same time that the authors consent to or decline publication of the report on the Internet. After being uploaded, the report is checked for possible plagiarism, the examiner submits a mark to the administration for registration in the LADOK documentation system. For the mark to be registered, the following is required:

  • You must be registered for the current degree project course.
  • Your supervisor and examiner must have given you the go-ahead for the thesis to be submitted.
  • You must have requested a report number for archiving including information on all of the students': names, personal ID numbers, the thesis title, programme. The report number shall be printed on the report's endpaper.
  • You must have submitted the essay in PDF format through the upload function
  • You must have consented to or declined publication of the report on the web through BADA.
  • Your examiner must have submitted the mark to the department secretary.


For students at The Swedish School of Textiles or Business & IT - please submit your thesis here. For all other schools, please contact your school administrator of thesis.


All reports are submitted via Urkund, a tool that searches for similar or identical texts on the Internet and in databases. When a report is sent through Urkund, it is stored in Urkund's database so as to be searchable when the thesis is analysed. Copyright proprietors have the right to exempt their work from being used as a comparative object, except for work from the University of Borås. Read more about how this works in the e-mail confirmation from Urkund.

Publication on the internet through BADA

When a report is published in the Borås Academic Digital Archive (BADA), it receives a unique link and within a few days becomes automatically searchable in Google, the national essay database Uppsök and in Uppsatser.se. The consent of all of the authors is required to publish a report and everyone must therefore tick the box for their approval in connection with the submission. Paper copies of a report can of course be ordered from a printing office. The easiest is to print out a copy from BADA and then submit it to a printing office or to the Student Center

NB! Don't forget to apply for your Degree Certification. Please view this link for more information.