Career in Sweden - your guide as an international student

The labour market is constantly changing and when you apply for a job today it is not only a matter of how to write a good job application. You will be given the opportunity to participate in a series of open lectures during the autumn semester where the focus will be on job and career. The open lectures are conducted by Career Services, in cooperation with International Office.

Just show up, you do not need to register in advance!

Step 1: The basics 

Tuesday 2 October 16:15–17:30, A315

 We will give you an insight how residence permit for job works and a crash course in Swedish labor law. Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden's Public Employment Agency, will present what their mission is and what services they can provide to incoming students.

Step 2: How to find a job

Wednesday 10 October 16:15–17:30, A315

Do you want to know how to find a job in Sweden? In this workshop you will receive information on where and how to search for jobs in Sweden. We will discuss how different recruiters think and the importance of networking. The workshop also includes practical exercises and discussions with the purpose of giving you insights into how you can work out a plan for the future.


Workshop - Selfleader - how to lead yourself

Wednesday 31 October 15:30-17:30, A315

You need to register by sending an email to karriarservice@hb.se, you will then get a email with a task to do before the workshop starts.

Today's world is complex and fast-changing which demands different styles of leadership. Career Services invite students to a workshop on self-leadership which aims on helping you to find intrinsic motivation, to take more long-term and conscious decisions and to see yourself as a leader by creating awareness of personal and shared values. Self-leaders concept was developed in cooperation with Stockholm School of Economics and we will use an app during this workshop. Participating students are required to bring their notebook or smart phone. This workshop will be held in English.
For questions please contact: karriarservice@hb.se.


Step 3: Get the most out of your teamwork

Thursday 8 November 16:15-17:30, A315

What determines whether a group work works or not? Good group dynamics, how do we get it? How do different personalities affect a group outcome? We will go through different theories and thoughts about this as well as provide concrete tips on how to set up a plan for successful teamwork.

Step 4: Improve your CV

Wednesday 28 November 16:15–17:30, A315

Your CV and your cover letter is your way to market yourself and important tools when it comes to applying for a job. Bring your resume and take the chance to get feedback from us at Career Services.