stethoscope listening to a heart


Drop-in clinic to nurse

The nurse can give you advice on health-related questions, perform simple check-ups or health care treatments. If you need further medical treatment you can also receive guidance where to turn. Please bring a valid ID to prove your identity.

Time: Monday–Thursday at 10:00–12:30
Location: L538
Registration: You do not have to register in advance.
Changed opening hours will be posted on the Student Health care website.

Optimize yourself

It is a challenge in several ways to be a student. To succeed in your studies, it is important to take good care of yourself.
This workshop is about your health and lifestyle and how to give yourself the best possible conditions to feel well and cope with both your studies and your spare time.
The contents will be based on the participants´ questions.

The activity is held in English. 
Time: Next workshop is planned for spring semester 2019.
Location: Will ber posted later.
For questions please contact: anna-lena.jingnas@hb.se