Regarding the novel coronavirus: Due to the government's recommendations, the University of Borås has moved over to online instruction. Stay updated.

Network services

The University of Borås offers students, staff and visitors wireless connection to the internet, WiFi. For students we recommend using Eduroam and the Web Log-In service for guest. It is also possible to connect to the network via a public data port.


Eduroam is a world-wide roaming access service that allows students to access free wireless network across campus and when visiting other universities and participating institutions. 

Read more how to log in into Eduroam

Web Log-In

Web Log-In is the predecessor to Eduroam as a wireless network at UB. Students and personnel can use the Web Log-In service. The network is now primarily intended for use by guests.


  • The wireless network is called (SSID) ”HB”
  • Encryption should be disabled.
  • The connection should be setup for server assigned IP address and DNS
  • Open a web browser (Internet Explorer for example) and type in any address. If all goes well a log in page should appear.
  • To get onto the internet you must first login with your user id and password.
  • On some computers the wireless network card must first be activated. See the manual for the computer if in doubt.