Regarding the novel coronavirus: Due to the government's recommendations, the University of Borås has moved over to online instruction. Stay updated.

Student Health Care

Students at the University of Borås have access to Student Health Care at the University.

Since the university has now moved to level yellow because of the coronavirus, we will not be able to have any visits or meetings at the Student Health Care Center. Level yellow means that physical contact should be minimised as far as possible. For the Student Health Care Center this means that all booked appointments will be held over phone instead. The drop-in clinic to the nurse will be closed. 

You can reach us by phone Monday to Friday 10-12. You can also contact us by email.

If you already have an appointment, we have sent you an email with more information.

These recommendations will last until June 7.


The employees at Student Health Care have an understanding of students' lifestyles. We work with preventative health care and individual contact. We also offer support through discussions or certain treatments. The Student Health Care is a compliment to the district health care.

  • All visits to the Student Health Care is free of charge.
  • We work under professional secrecy.
  • When you visit the Student Health Care for the first time, you need to bring a valid ID to prove your identity.
  • We document all visits according to the Swedish Patient Data Act (2008:355).
  • Please observe that we do not give advise though emails since there is no guarantee of secrecy.



Functions within the Student Health Care

At the Student Health Care there is a nurse and social counsellors. There is also a Student Pastor at the university who supports students.

We are located at Sandgärdet on the 5th floor in the L-corridor, Järnvägsgatan 5.


Information about medical care and dental care in Västra Götaland

Students from other countries: How to seek medical care (external link)

Emergency - please call 112
Medical guidance for non-acute -  please call 1177