Diet and exercise


In order to cope with and do well in your studies it is important to have a balanced diet.  To get a kick-start and energy and nutriment after a night’s sleep, breakfast is a good beginning of the day. Besides breakfast it is good to get two solid meals a day. To take a break during the day to eat a snack between meals is a way to get energy in order to get going with new tasks.

Maybe you have problems eating enough during the day. Maybe you wish to change your eating habits but don’t know how. Maybe you think about your weight or think that food in general is a hassle. You can visit us at the student health care centre if you feel that you want to talk about your thoughts. The student health care centre can also be a link to specialists within this field.

National Food Agency Sweden


To exercise is just as important as eating well. The human body is built to move and almost all physical activity is good for you and an investment in your own health. Exercise makes you stronger and affects your mood and energy in a good way. Endorphins, which are your body’s own “happy-hormones”, are released when you exercise.  You may fell more harmonious and the ability to memorize and concentrate increases.

The general recommendation is that you exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Seize the opportunity and take for example the stairs instead of the lift or escalator, ride your bike or walk to school, or help your neighbour clearing the street from snow.