Avoiding stress as a student is difficult. To be stressed for a while is not dangerous if you have time to rest now and again. When stress is a constant factor in life and you can’t find solutions or ways to relax it can be a problem.


As a student you don’t really have any time off and the feeling that you can always study some more is almost always present. That is why it is important to plan your time of study and to separate work and leisure time. 

Seeing your studies as “work” can sometimes make it easier. Maybe you decide to be elsewhere then at home when you study, for example the library, to mark out that you are doing a job. It may also be easier if you plan your breaks instead of your working hours. It is important to plan breaks and rest and activities you wish to do during the week. Maybe these activities must be set aside during a period of exams but this is an active choice made by you. 

Studying together with a classmate can also be valuable when planning your studies. Studying with someone else can help you start structuring your working days. At the Student health care centre we offer seminars and courses on how to handle stress, where you can learn more about stress and how you relate to things that are stressful to you. If you want more information about the seminars, speak to the social counsellor or nurse at the Student health care centre. You may also turn to us if you want to talk in private about your situation.