Support for students with disabilities

Special pedagogical support

You apply for special pedagogical support through the system Nais. Focusing on your application, an individual judgement is made and you will receive a decision about support. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the co-ordinator for students with disabilities, Anita Lindahl, or if you have questions concerning reading and writing contact dyslexipedagog@hb.se .  

Help with note taking

If you need help taking notes during lectures or group activities, a fellow student can take notes for you. Your friend will be paid for the effort. Alternatively, you can get a copying card and copy someone else's notes without cost.


If you need personal help during your studies, you will get assistance arranged by the university. 

Additional tuition/mentor support

Sometimes you need additional tuition/mentor support in your studies. This kind of support is judged by the co-ordinator for students with disabilities and decided in co-operation with the unit responsible for your programme/course. 

Readers help

You can get readers help, meaning that someone will read e.g. compendia and handouts for you. Decision is made by the co-ordinator.

Recorded course literature

If you are in need of recorded literature, you can, free of charge, borrow recorded material and equipment. The library is responsible for the service to students with reading/writing disabilities/dyslexia, read more about recorded course literature.

Educational interpreting

If you have a hearing impairment or are deaf you can obtain an interpreter in the learning process. Contact the co-ordinator well in advance.

Special arrangements in the learning situation

This deals with other adjusted forms for examinations, extended time for exams or adjustments of the study plans. This kind of support is judged by the co-ordinator for students with disabilities and decided by the person responsible for the programme/course alternatively the examiner from your academic school.

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