Reading and writing disabilities/dyslexia

Reading and writing disabilities/dyslexia do not have to be an obstacle to academic studies.


Students with reading and writing disabilities/dyslexia may receive special pedagogical support and use compensatory aids during their study time at University of Borås. Please contact the counsellor for students with dyslexia, if you have questions about reading and writing disabilities for consultation about specific needs and information about the support available.

Students who suspect that they might have reading and writing disabilities/dyslexia may contact the dyslexia counsellor for consultation.

Pedagogical support and compensatory aids available

  • Pedagogical guidance 
       - find strategies to facilitate your studies
       - learn how to use compensatory aids
       - improve your writing skills
  • Recorded course literature from the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Extra guidance/Mentor support
  • Extended examinations
  • Alternative forms for examinations
  • Access to The Studio with spelling and translation software, scanner, text-to-speech software

The need for this kind of support is assessed by the dyslexia counsellor together with the student. To apply for some of the support the functional disability/dyslexia has to be documented. Decision concerning examination is made by the course supervisor or the examiner from the programme in question.

Apply for special educational support

To apply for special pedagogical support you must use the administration system Nais. You can log in to the system with your student account. Remember that you must have your certificates in a digital form as these must be attached to your application.
Log in and apply through Nais (external link)


Susanna Hagelberg, Dyslexia Counsellor

Susanna Hagelberg, Dyslexia Counsellor

Telephone: +46 33-435 4310
Room: J 436
E-mail: dyslexipedagog@hb.se