Swedish as a Second Language

Is Swedish not your first language? Do you feel insecure about whether your Swedish skills are enough at university level? Relax. There is help available!

Language Support 

If Swedish isn't your first language and you want to develop your Swedish language skills there is support and language guidance available in Swedish as a Second Language.

This language support is available to all students at University of Borås whose first language isn't Swedish.

Students with another native language than Swedish who have questions regarding how to improve their Swedish language are welcome to book an appointment for a consultation. Together we'll make a long-term study plan. The counselling is based on your course work and course literature. 

The language support is given in different ways. It can be given individually, in small groups or as workshops.

The language support can help:

  • extend your vocabulary
  • practise and develop your oral  skills (pronunciation, presentation skills)
  • develop your written skills (linguistic correctness, structure and form)
  • increase your knowledge of different types of texts produced at university level (genre awareness)
  • make an assessment of your areas of improvement.

Text Feedback

You can receive feedback on shorter texts and text passages which will let you know more about what and how you can improve your written language skills. This feedback can be the starting point of an individual checklist that can be used for future text revisions.

Nota bene

The following is not available:

  • views on subject specific content
  • correcting, proofreading or editing
  • feedback on full reports and degree projects

Send an e-mail, call or come by the office to make an appointment for consultation.


Johanna Persson

Johanna Persson, Lecturer
Phone: 033-435 4265
Room number: J 437
E-mail: johanna.persson@hb.se