Äng och vatten

Student Pastor

Johanna Fridäng, studentpräst

My name is Johanna Fridäng and I am the Student Pastor. I am available for all students and employees, whether you are religious or not and regardless your sexuality. 

We can talk about anything, for example how you are feeling, about your studies, but also things that can not be seen, as faith and doubts. Please send me an e-mail or give me a call of you want to make an appointment. 

Quiet rooms 

At the university there are Quiet rooms at D422 and D424, where you can pray, get some rest and peace between your lessons, studies or work.


Christian prayer for everyone, regardless of religious faith. Welcome at 12:15–12:50 on Tuesdays. You can bring your lunch to the room and eat while we talk and pray. 

We’ll meet in D422. No registration is necessary. 



Johanna Fridäng, Student Pastor
Phone: 033-435 40 41 / 0705 15 94 91
Room number: L529
E-mail: johanna.fridang@hb.se