Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery

Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery (SCRR) is conducting world leading Research, Education and Innovation to significantly reduce the global fossil fuel consumption and approach sustainable society. We identify new and improved methods to convert residuals into different kind of value-added materials and energy. Innovations that result from our activities will help to reduce greenhouse gas effects and other environmental challenges, while creating circular economy.

Products from apple and orange waste


Apple and orange waste can be made into edible bioplastic

Imagine a disposable cup; you drink up your coffee and then eat the mug as dessert. Veronika Bátori, who recently received her doctorate within Resource Recovery at the University of Borås, has taken the first steps towards making disposable products or bioplastic films from fruit waste becoming a reality.

In the thesis “Fruit wastes to biomaterials: Development of biofilms and 3D objects in a circular economy system,” she shows how she studied this in two types of wastes from apples and oranges.

She chose them because they are hard to dispose of and instead can be used for producing new products. It can contribute to reducing disposables in the environment.