Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery

Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery (SCRR) is conducting world leading Research, Education and Innovation to significantly reduce the global fossil fuel consumption and approach sustainable society. We identify new and improved methods to convert residuals into different kind of value-added materials and energy. Innovations that result from our activities will help to reduce greenhouse gas effects and other environmental challenges, while creating circular economy.

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Food waste becomes sustainable and profitable bioplastics

How can we take advantage of the huge amounts of food waste, such as orange peels from juice production, produced by the food industry? In his research, Pedro F. Souza Filho has looked for ways to use food waste and reuse it to produce new food, animal feed and bioplastics.

In late September, Pedro F. Souza Filho defended his doctoral thesis in the field of Resource Recovery at the University of Borås with his dissertation "Fungi-based biorefinery model for food industry waste" with a focus on finding better processes within the circular economy for the food industry.

It is estimated that 40 per cent of all foods are wasted, which means a significant loss of productivity, energy and natural resources. In his study, he has conducted case studies on four...