Bachelor studies

BSc in Chemical Engineering - Applied Biotechnology (3 years. Tuition language: Swedish)

The boundary between biology and technology is shrinking and the two areas are developing rapidly. This creates great opportunities for a chemical engineer; it is also an exciting challenge. Perhaps you’ll work with the important task of creating a sustainable society and reducing Sweden's dependence on oil? Why not a future research career in which you as a doctoral student are included in one of our successful research groups working on biofuels and biopolymers? Exciting work is also to be done within various industries such as the pharmaceutical industry and in food production, water treatment, the environment, etc.

BSc in Energy Engineering (3 years. Tuition language: Swedish)

If you want to work with energy issues in the future, this educational programme will open the doors to many exciting challenges. Central tasks for you as an energy engineer will be within energy efficiency and the introduction of new sustainable energy systems with respect to the environment and the economy.