Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate studies in Resource Recovery (Tuition language: English)

Are you interested to create a better environment for the future generations in the world? With our interdisciplinary doctoral programme of Resource Recovery, the PhD students get a broad knowledge on how to create a sustainable world and promote circular and bioeconomy, while getting deep knowledge in one of its disciplines in e.g. chemical engineering, energy, biotechnology, or resource management.

Doctoral education programme in Resource Recovery

Doctoral studies are conducted in the area of ​​Resource Recovery at the University of Borås. This includes the development of technical methods to refine and recycle resources--energy and materials--from waste or residues. This is to allow the transition to a circular economy in society. Besides technical methods, the research area includes the logistical, social, and psychological aspects linked to societal solutions for the recycling of resources. The research in resource recovery aims to promote the development of a sustainable society.