Research Groups


There is no wastes, but just resources in the world. This is what nature does. The research group in biotechnology in collaboration with other research groups develop methodologies to convert these undesired or low value resources to energy barriers such as ethanol, biogas or hydrogen, and biopolymers, feed or food. Read more about the research group Biotechnology

Combustion and Thermal Processes

The research group in Combustion and thermal processes are devoted to research and development within combustion of mostly waste and biomass together with material recovery. Read more about the research group Combustion and Thermal Processes

Polymer Technology

The polymer technology research is focussing on the development of environmentally sustainable polymer materials from biobased resources and from waste streams. Plastic materials, textile fibres and fabrics as well as composite materials are under investigation. Read more about the research group Polymer Technology

Sustainable Built Environment

The group is working today with house to live in, roads to travel on, produced in a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way. We work with the entire chain from planning to construction and maintainance within engineering bachelor and Master programme. 
Read more about the research group Sustainable Built Environment

Resource Management

Effective management of waste requires that it is sorted into fractions (plastic, paper, metal, food, etc.). In Sweden, this sorting is done by the various actors that generate the waste, such as supermarkets, restaurants and households. It is important to understand the reasons why we generate so much waste, and then identify, develop and implement interventions to reduce the amount of waste and improve the sorting of the waste.

Development of this knowledge and the interventions, as well as measuring their effect, is done in the Resource Management group.
Read more about the research group Resource Management