The University of Borås offers all students the possibility to study on equal terms.

If you are considering studying at the university and have a disability, please contact our coordinator Anita Lindahl or the counsellor for students with dyslexia, (if you have questions about reading and writing disabilities) well in advance so we can plan your studies ahead.


If you have a disability you may be admitted through individual examination. More information can be found in "Regler för Antagning" (only in Swedish) or contact our co-ordinator for information in English.

Support for students with disabilities

The University of Borås offers all students the possibility to study on equal terms. Consequently, if you are a registered student at the University of Borås and have a disability, you can apply for special pedagogical support through the system Nais. Read more about how to apply

The term disability, is defined as the physical, mental or developmental disabilities which pose substantial barriers to your ability to study. One such barrier is reading and writing disabilities/dyslexia. 

What kind of pedagogical support is offered?

See the page Support for students with Disabilities.

Studying abroad

If you are interested in studying or working abroad, and have a disability of some kind, read more on the web site for the Independent Living Institute.


Anita Lindahl

Anita Lindahl, Coordinator for students with functional disabilities
Phone: 033-435 4262
Room number: B 307
E-mail: anita.lindahl@hb.se


Susanna Hagelberg 
Susanna Hagelberg, Counsellor for students with dyslexia
Phone: 033-435 4310
Mobile: 0732-305947
Room number: J436
E-mail: susanna.hagelberg@hb.se