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Swedish as a Foreign Language - Beginning Course

7.5 pre-education credits, part-time 50%

Application code: HB-31791
First day of application: 2018-09-17
Application deadline: 2018-10-15
Number of Places: 50
Start: 2019-01-21
End: 2019-03-31
Place of Study: Borås
Study time: Mixed

The course covers the basics of the Swedish language, both its structure and function. The focus rests on the student's own linguistic progression and the course is largely centered on communicative exercises where students apply the knowledge from this course. Written and oral assignments are reported and assessed continuously. The course also provides some guidance in Swedish heritage and society.


This course is intended for students without any previous knowledge of Swedish. It offers basic grammatical instruction regarding the use of the present and past tenses, as well as the imperative form, of verbs. For nouns it covers the usage of the singular and plural forms and the definite and indefinite articles. The comparison system of adjectives and the different pronouns are also explained. All grammatical issues are dealt with through a method of contrasting between English and Swedish. Semantic aspects of the Swedish language are also penetrated. The learning of vocabulary is focused on words that can be used to make presentations and that have to do with family, food, habitation and leisure activities. The course focusses mainly on communicative exercises whereby students can gain an opportunity to practice their skills. The improvement of written and oral proficiency is tested continuously. Apart from linguistic aspects, the tuition also embraces some civic knowledge about Swedish life.

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