Regarding the novel coronavirus: The University of Borås has extended yellow level until 8 November. Yellow level means that university operations are to continue but that physical contact should be minimised as much as possible. The university has moved over to online instruction as far as possible. Stay updated.

Why choose Borås?

The University of Borås is known for its unique educational offerings, including some programmes that are only offered here. We’re particularly well-known for the Swedish School of Textiles, offering unique degree programmes and performing world-leading research within textile technology and design. The Swedish School of Library and Information Science is one of a kind in Sweden. The research, programmes and courses are the most extensive in the country.

Aside from our unique academics, we’re known for our green city. The beautiful Swedish countryside is always within easy reach. Borås is also famous for its many sculptures and street art.

Borås is the Swedish centre for textiles and clothing companies. It’s also a city of commerce and many well-known mail order and e-commerce companies are located here. Supporting these industries is a large number of companies working with logistics, distribution and marketing. Well-known companies located here include Gina Tricot, Didriksson, 8848, Nelly, Ericsson, H&M, Volvo Bus Corporation and Parker Hannifin.

The University of Borås offers courses taught entirely in English within the
following areas:

• Business
• Engineering
• Informatics and IT
• Library and Information Science
• Textiles and Fashion

We also offer Swedish language courses and a wide range of student activities and events.