Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery

Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery (SCRR) is conducting world leading Research, Education and Innovation to significantly reduce the global fossil fuel consumption and approach sustainable society. We identify new and improved methods to convert residuals into different kind of value-added materials and energy. Innovations that result from our activities will help to reduce greenhouse gas effects and other environmental challenges, while creating circular economy.

Membranes for the bioreactor.


Valuable chemicals to be extracted from waste with new...

In a new research project, researchers in Resource Recovery at the University of Borås will develop a concept for extracting valuable chemical substances from biological waste.

Today, food waste, agricultural waste such as manure as well as sewage sludge, are treated in an anaerobic digestion process for the production of methane or biogas. The aim of the project is to change the current digestion process from producing a single product to a biorefinery where many different products can be produced. By dividing the process into several steps with the new technology, it is possible to access valuable volatile fatty acids. Building blocks for new products Mohammad...