Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery

Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery (SCRR) is conducting world leading Research, Education and Innovation to significantly reduce the global fossil fuel consumption and approach sustainable society. We identify new and improved methods to convert residuals into different kind of value-added materials and energy. Innovations that result from our activities will help to reduce greenhouse gas effects and other environmental challenges, while creating circular economy.

Wheat straw and extracted lignin.


Lignin – much more valuable than just as waste

Lignin, a substance considered as a waste product in biomass and ethanol production, will now reach its proper value as bio-oil in new products.

Lignin is a natural substance in biomass, but it is unwanted in processes like production of paper or ethanol. In those processes lignin is considered as waste, and is used as fuel in heat and power plants. At the University of Borås a team of researchers investigate methods to extract and refine lignin for better purposes than burning it.