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Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery

Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery (SCRR) is conducting world leading Research, Education and Innovation to significantly reduce the global fossil fuel consumption and approach sustainable society. We identify new and improved methods to convert residuals into different kind of value-added materials and energy. Innovations that result from our activities will help to reduce greenhouse gas effects and other environmental challenges, while creating circular economy.

 A solvent is applied onto a piece of polyamide textile.


A new textile material is seeing the light of day

When doctoral student Mostafa Jabbari began his research project, the aim was to improve the properties of the material used for textile bioreactors. But he changed tracks and developed a whole new textile material – with better properties than was the original goal. Lighter, stronger, more heat and weather resistant, cheaper to manufacture, less...

Doctoral student Mostafa Jabbari enthusiastically talks about his research project, which was initially intended to improve the properties of a material used to make textile bioreactors – a journey that thus came to take a different turn than expected.