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Trådbildande svamp i labbet

From dissertation to startup company

Ramkumar Nair, former PhD student of Resource Recovery, developed the technology during his dissertation which has led to a spin-off startup company.

Regina Jijoho Patinvoh demonstrates a plug-flow reactor in the lab.

Less water beneficial in biogas production

When organic waste is turned into biogas, water is usually an important component of the process.

New method makes bioethanol from waste – in existing plants

It is possible to produce bioethanol from agricultural and industrial waste in existing plants in a socioeconomically sustainable way.

Lignin – much more valuable than just as waste

Lignin, a waste product from biomass and ethanol production, will now reach its proper value as bio-oil in new products.

New research shows that straw gives more biogas

Researchers at the University of Borås have investigated the possibility to use straw products in the production of biogas. The results are positive.

Finding solutions to reduce industrial bread waste

Pedro Brancoli is conducting a PhD study focusing on reducing bread waste in the industry – something that could have a big environmental impact.

New method for classifying ash important to energy companies

Now researchers will make attempts to develop a new method for classifying bottom ash – an issue important to energy companies in Sweden.

Sewage technology in a new field of use

A new technology that can be used in reactors for the production of bioethanol is designed and developed at the University of Borås.

Rebecca wants to create new products from waste

Synthetic pigments are found in many products. These pigments can be expensive and hazardous to health. This is what Rebecca Gmoser wants to change.

Designing ash for the world’s food and environment

Anita Pettersson's Researchers’ Grand Prix-winning research is looking for a cost-effective method to create designer ashes.