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Department of Teacher Education

This is the only course we can offer our exchange students during the autumn term from August 28th, 2017 to January 14th, 2018.

English with Focus on Didactics for Teachers Working in lower or higher secondary school, 30 ECTS

In this course you will study together with Swedish students who study to become teachers in English, Swedish and Swedish as a second language. This course is their first English didactic course. The course commences with a survey of the Swedish school system and its steering documents. It is composed of three main sections. The first of these concerns developing student language proficiency through studies of grammar and phonetics in combination with oral and written exercises. Secondly, a focus is made on the social and cultural aspects of the English language. The different variants of English, and their significance in an international context, are discussed and analysed from a sociolinguistic perspective.

The course also involves gaining knowledge about social, cultural and historical phenomena in English-speaking countries, which is to be achieved through the writing of a personal investigation of a chosen aspect, and through studying literary texts from different areas of the English-speaking world. Finally, the student is to attain a deeper knowledge of English as a school subject by planning and carrying out a grammar lesson for students in years 4-9 and by completing a classroom-based research task.

You will also be out for internship in a lower or higher secondary school. You can choose if you want your pupils to be 10-13 year-olds or 13-16 year-olds.

Please contact agneta.welin_mod@hb.se for further information.

To be able to apply online, you have to be nominated by your university.

Spring semester 2018

This course is given during spring semester 2018:

Education, Aesthetic Learning Processes and Children’s Communication. 22.5 ECTS 

Using a didactic and aesthetic perspective as a base, students are to enhance their awareness of how children acquire learning with a particular focus on communication. The course also embraces thematic and multi-media work forms. During their preschool placement periods, the students are to stimulate the children’s learning processes within varous fields of knowledge. This involves planning, carrying out and evaluating their activities.

To apply to the course you need to be nominated by your home university. The course starts on 17 January 2018 and entails 15 weeks of study. 

Click here to see the syllabus (PDF)