Industry doctoral student

An industry doctoral student is a research student who is employed by, and conducts the bulk of his or her research at a company or a public institution/organisation. Through the industrial doctoral students the University and its partners has an effective way of creating synergies in order to contribute to social development.

How does this education work?

The PhD education leads to licentiate and/or doctorate. In addition to courses, the education includes a research project that leads to thesis. In several cases, the research project is conducted within the framework of a research group where the supervision also takes place. The research project of the industry doctoral student is chosen in consultation with the collaborating company or organisation of the doctoral student. The research is then conducted in close cooperation with the company/organisation.

How long does it take?

The total length of study for a licentiate degree is two years, while it is four years for a doctoral degree. Of this time, the doctoral student should devote at least half his/her time to his/her research project. 

Who pays for the education?

The usual situation for the industrial doctoral students is that their company/organisation pays their salary. However, Borås University and the company/organization should always sign an agreement of the terms of cooperation. The contract should among other things include what costs are to be covered during the duration of the study period.

Eligibility and admission

Eligibility for the industry doctoral student is the same as for the University's own, employed doctoral students. The difference is that they have their employment at the partner company or organisation. For this reason, a position as an industry doctoral student is never announced. Upon acceptance of collaborative doctoral students, the lowest study rate is 50 percent of full-time. In addition, agreements regulating compensation and intellectual property rights must be signed. Before the final agreement is signed, the contract must be reviewed by the University lawyer.

Where to turn?

Interested companies or organisations should approach the director of studies in the research area where collaboration is of interest to discuss research projects, and how the programme should be planned for any of their employees. There are often opportunities for individual adjustments so that the programme can be conducted in a flexible manner.