Textile Materials

The doctoral education in Textile Materials is multidisciplinary and combines different scientific disciplines with different fields of application. Textile materials range from well-known applications on clothing and interior design to advanced technical products.

Research in textile materials at the University of Borås is thereby characterised by different technologies used for applications of relevance to society and industry, where typically advanced and smart materials as well as new processes are central topics.

Characteristic for a Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Science or a Degree of Licentiate of Science in Textile Materials is in-depth knowledge in new, advanced smart/functional textile materials and their application. The Doctor or Licentiate has developed an approach to material development and material use that is sustainable in a longer perspective, both from an environmental and from a social point of view.

Clemens Thornquist, Professor

Director of Studies
Eva Gustafsson, Docent

General syllabus for Textile Materials (pdf in Swedish)