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Magazine 1866

The research magazine 1866 aims to shed light on the extensive research conducted at the university in an accessible way and provide an in-depth picture of current research.

The magazine's name comes from the opening of the Technical Weaving School in Borås in 1866, which forms the basis of the Swedish School of Textiles. The magazine is largely characterized by the research institute in Textile and Fashion, but also in the other areas of Library- and Information Science, Resource Recovery, Business and IT, Pedagogicla Work and the Human Perspective in Care.

The magazine comes out twice a year and is divided into three vignettes: Focus, Current and Personal.

Here are in-depth reports, personal portraits, chronicles and shorter news about our researchers and research that make a difference.

Read about this and much more in Magazine 1866.

A magazine from the University of Borås focusing on research.