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The Mobile Phone - A Workplace Problem in Retail

How do frontline employees in retail react to and handle situations where the customer ignores them and instead looks at their mobile phone?

Anita Norlund

New professor is sceptical of neuromyths

In 2019, she became Professor of Pedagogical Work at the University of Borås; she also started a major research project and swam 157 times.

New honorary doctor developed the educational environment

Valuable contributions to the Swedish School of Library and Information Science will be honoured by the appointment of a new honorary doctor.

A new textile material is seeing the light of day

Lighter, stronger, more heat and weather resistant, cheaper to manufacture, less chemicals involved, and one hundred percent recyclable.

New professor with focus on digital cultures

Jutta Haider, professor at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, wants to contribute to society's environmental communication.

Successful doctoral programme aims to be the best in the world

On the last day of January, the 25th doctoral student within Resource Recovery will publicly defend a doctoral thesis.

How students' professional identity is shaped

A new doctoral thesis shows that over the course of an academic education, there is a continuous transition to working life.

Microorganisms fed with toxic gas to produce biofuel

By combining two different processes used to convert organic waste into biogas it is possible to obtain even more of valuable substances.

10 million Swedish crowns for reusable sanitary pad

The reusable sanitary pad named Spacerpad is one step closer to production.

New unique method for second generation bioethanol

Using wastewater treatment technology for bioethanol production is now a possibility thanks to a membrane bioreactor.