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Bread waste is an environmental villain

There were surprising results when researchers at the University of Borås looked at how much food waste is thrown away over a year.


Time for praxis symposium--meet our three keynote speakers

On 22-24 May, for the second time, the symposium ‘Praxis in higher education’ will be held at the University of Borås.

Networks strengthens smart textiles research

Two of the university's researchers participate in CONTEXT, a European network that means to link together research and innovation in smart textiles.

Pomp and Circumstance at the Academic Ceremony

Text + Movie On 3 May, the university's academic ceremony was held.

Patient perspective in focus for new professor

Birgitta Wireklint Sundström is a new professor of Caring Science. Her research highlights prehospital emergency care.

Natural pigment--another property of fungi

Another area of use for fungi is to produce dyes--something that is very important in food, for example.

She wants to highlight the importance of existential care

Gunilla Carlsson is a new professor of Caring Science. She focusses her research on existential health issues.

New professor wants to combat age discrimination

Karin Josefsson is a new professor of Caring Science. In her research she focusses on the elderly.

She seeks inner vision

What is creativity, really? And what does it look like? Stefanie Malmgren de Oliveira has mapped the fashion designer's internal process.

New professor puts Borås on the map

During her research career, professor Petra Angervall has been interested in gender equality and gender patterns in academia.