2016-06-01 12:50

New rights to award doctoral degrees

It was announced today that the University of Borås has received rights to award doctoral degrees within the area The Human Perspective in Care. This means that all faculties at the university now have the right to offer doctoral degree programmes.

– This is very good news, but it is not unexpected. This is a strong area and a strong application. The rights to award doctoral degrees give us the possibility to continue to develop and profile the area The Human Perspective in Care, which is of great national interest, says Vice-Chancellor Björn Brorström and continues:

– It is very positive and I am quite impressed by the highly-qualified and systematic development efforts that have been undertaken and which have now been confirmed by the assessment group and the Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslersämbetet, or UKÄ for its initials in Swedish). 

In their decision, the UKÄ writes, among other things, that research within the area The Human Perspective in Care was judged to be of such quality and scope that doctoral education can be conducted at a high level of scholarship. They also believe that the doctoral degree environment is satisfactory with good means when it comes to university resources and research supervisors.   

Increased competitiveness and attractiveness

– I am very happy today and incredibly proud of all of our employees who have contributed to making this possible. It means that we now have a complete academic environment in the area of The Human Perspective in Care – from the undergraduate to the doctoral level. Doctoral education rights lend legitimacy and we now have increased competitiveness and attractiveness as well as a greater influence over our own research and the development of the field. Now we can fully meet the challenges that exist in society, says Lotta Dalheim Englund, Dean of Faculty at the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare at the University of Borås. 

The Human Perspective in Care: At the University of Borås, we conduct research that leads to solutions that change society for the better. Our research on The Human Perspective in Care focusses on the patient and the caregiver. We also focus on patients’ loved ones, students of Caring Science and their learning, and the leadership and organisation of care. Regardless of what perspective we take when studying care, we need to understand how people experience and are affected by what occurs. At the University of Borås, we want to contribute to making care more humane, safe, and secure, whether that regards meetings, assessments, organisation, or the caring treatment. 

The announcement is also welcome from a regional perspective. Peter Lönnroth, Manager, Deputy Healthcare Director, Region Västra Götaland, and member of the The Faculty Council of Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare, notes that:

– The university’s very long-term work with this, which I have followed for many years, has now borne fruit. In the long term, it means even more qualified education that can be offered in the region and in the Sjuhärad area. This strongly contributes to the availability of expertise and recruitment both for the university and healthcare.

Complete academic environments

The University of Borås has previously been granted doctoral education rights within Library and Information Science, Resource Recovery, Textile and Fashion (general) and Textile and Fashion (artistic). That the university now has rights within the Human Perspective in Care means that all of the universities faculties now have complete academic environments. Within these five areas it is now possible to go all the way from the very first course in the first semester of undergraduate education to a Master’s degree and then on to a doctoral degree. 


Translation: Eva Medin