Health care staff with elderly person

Health Care and Well-being

A growing elderly population represents a major challenge for the entire Western world. How can one increase their individual preconditions for health in old age? This is a pressing question, which is why the research group within the theme Health Care and Well-being has initiated the research programme Ageing, living, learning.

Ageing, living, learning involves researchers from the School of Health Sciences and also researchers from the School of Education and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Borås.

From the University of Skövde, researchers from the School of Health and Education are involved. There is an even number of researchers from the two universities and both are contributing an equal amount of funds. Within the programme, the researchers have started several projects in order to, among other things, find out how to achieve a healthy state of old age and how to deal with chronic pain and illness.

Bild på Maria Nyström


Research leader Maria Nyström,
University of Borås, 
Theme: Health Care and Well-being