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Information and Communication Technology

The use of the services provided over the internet is increasing every year. It is not just about e-commerce, but also aspects such as e-health, internet authorities and e-learning. The research group within the theme of Information and Communication Technology meets these challenges through focused efforts under the concept The e-Services of the Future. 

The theme's overall objective is to identify opportunities for collaboration between the educational institutions, to strengthen these through joint activities, and to broaden and deepen the foundation for future co-production. In addition, one of the goals is to create a vibrant and cohesive research environment around The e-Services of the Future.

The first year saw the initiation of six two-year collaborative projects within information fusion in e-services, pre-hospital medical care, sports analytics, tools for e-learning, effective e-government and open e-services. 

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Research leader Göran Falkman
University of Skövde, 
Thema: Information and Communication Technology