The nurse’s patient-oriented leadership in municipal elderly care

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Sweden as well as the rest of the world face the challenge with an increasing proportion of people over 65 years and above. For a good and safe care, we need knowledge on how care-related phenomena are perceived by patients and their relatives, which in turn can result in ethical dilemmas. In the nurse’s patient-oriented leadership, it can be problematic to satisfy the needs of individuals or groups while meeting society’s demands on evidence, standardization, and cost-effectiveness.

The aim of this project is to investigate what nurses need, today and in the future, in order to lead patient-oriented care for the elderly in a sustainable way.

The purpose of this project is to gain increased knowledge about the importance of the nurse’s patient-oriented leadership as a prerequisite for successful and sustainable implementation of a preventative care process and supporting organisation, in order to achieve learning and quality improvement. This can also be of importance to a worthy life for older people and their relatives as well as the well-being of the healthcare professionals, which is central to caring science.