SIIR - Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing

The centre SIIR—Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing—at the University of Borås provides research resources and a unique research environment in the form of Retail Lab to retail companies and the community to contribute to innovative and sustainable commerce.

Bild på Sara Hjelm Lidholm, forskare vid SIIR, när hon intervjuar en kvinna i en butik

Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing (SIIR) logotype

SIIR involves researchers and research teams from a number of research areas at the University of Borås, such as data science, marketing, textile management, as well as IT and service management. The common denominator for the researchers is interest in the retail field. Retail research helps to foster creative meetings at the crossroads of research, industry, and society and develops new knowledge relevant to society. Researchers use proven research methods and contribute to industry development. The centre’s activities are mainly focused on research and contract research but also the dissemination of knowledge in different forms.

SIIR is one of the university's research efforts in the form of a centre and it works closely with the business community. See more information about our collaborations under the tab Collaboration.

SIIR's research focus on Digital trade

Digital trade means research combining competencies from SIIR's two main areas, Retail and IT.


External researchers

  • Christine Lundberg, University of Surrey, UK
  • James Reardon, University of Northern Colorado, USA


SIIR has built up a structure for partnerships with businesses. Within these partnerships we engage in various research projects, both shorter and longer term. We base our work on the problems that companies have and discuss us to how we can plan the projects. Companies we work with today are, among others, Comfort, Ellos Group, Gina Tricot, Hemtex, Svenska Fönster, and Vinga of Sweden (external links).

In addition to these projects, we continually apply for research grants from various funding agencies.

We actively contribute to spreading knowledge in different ways. Svensk Digital Handel (external link) conducts an annual event called D-Congress and here, SIIR is responsible for Akademiska scenen and is responsible for the programme.

In 2016, SIIR participated for the first time in Almedalen and conducted three seminars in collaboration with Svensk Handel (external link).