Scandinavian Eyewear AB


candinavian Eyewear is a genuine Swedish company that has been designing eyewear since 1948. Which means more than 60 years of designing, developing and periodically also producing glasses in one and the same place – deep in the forests of Jönköping, in Småland, Sweden. It is here that our roots are. It is here you will find flexibility, knowledge and quality. It is here where we can test out ideas.

With our classic Skaga brand, which over the years has been created by a number of renowned Swedish designers, we are proud to claim that we have made our very distinctive mark on eyewear design in Scandinavia. We have a heritage and history that few eyewear brands can compare to - one which means that behind our products lies a solid knowledge of craftsmanship.

History and tradition are incredibly valuable – but only if they are used as a platform from which to create new visions. At Scandinavian Eyewear we are constantly looking to the future and strive to remain at the forefront of our industry, whether this means developing materials and technology or design and expression.

Our strength lies in the fact that the sole focus of our business is eyewear. We design and develop glasses of the highest quality, with elegant design solutions and attention to detail. Nothing else. Today, as well as our in-house Skaga range, the company has several strong brands in its portfolio. These brands each have their own individual style and character, but high quality and dedicated personal commitment are factors they all have in common.

Scandinavian Eyewear enjoys a market-leading position in the Nordic countries. Since 1999 the company has been part of the Lammhults Design Group.

(Source: http://www.scandinavianeyewear.se/)