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A Smart Textile Platform for Personalised Textiles with a Special Focus on Prosthetics

The objective of the project is to investigate textile methods that contribute the missing links to the ability to develop personalised smart textile solutions for users of prosthetic products with a special emphasis on the intrinsic and extrinsic comfort for amputees.

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The core research question addressed in the project is: How can smart textiles and new textile production techniques be applied in prosthesis? The core research question will be solved by focussing on: 1) Establishing the technology platform that contributes the missing links for a personalised textile solution for amputees; 2) Introducing smart textiles to the field of neuromuscular rehabilitation to facilitate home-based rehabilitation. Collaborate with 3 business partners, the research question will be elucidated by two case studies: 1. Personalised prosthetic sock for improved extrinsic comfort for lower-limb amputees; 2. Smart textiles for home-based phantom limb (PLP) pain treatment.

The proposed project will combine the power edge technologies of smart textiles at the University of Borås and the industrial knowledge of three partners: Bola AB; Integrum AB and Lindhe Xtend AB. At the end of the project, we expect to solve the industrial problems using smart textiles solutions and perform clinical evaluation of the solutions.